Representing one of the many regions within the Genieverse, Land of Immortals contains the most diverse creatures, clans and landscapes that we know of to date. With this comes epic battles for supremacy as elemental clans and mighty beasts clash and fight, seeking control of the land to eventually reign and claim the ultimate prize of “immortality”.

Choose your elemental clan and mighty warrior to join us in the Battle of 1000 Nights to become an immortal legend.




Land of Immortals is a gaming platform within the $GENIETOKEN ecosystem.

The NFT (non-fungible token) trading card game is at the heart of the platform where you will pick the warriors to play in your deck, battling it out in epic duels to reign supreme over your rivals. Using the Binance Smartchain and the Ethereum network, you can obtain ownership over your NFT trading card deck, choosing to battle or trade them for real money within the marketplace.


For centuries, the Varasians are scavengers who have been seeking and stealing treasures from across the land, now coming into possession of an ancient manuscript telling tales of genie Gods. Known as “Olah the Powerful” and “Djinn the Demon Genie” it states those who free and slay the genies will have the ultimate power of immortality. The Varasians know it will be no mean feat to defeat the Gods but they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. After weeks of studying the manuscript, they think they have found the location of the Gods and set out in an attempt to change their lives forever.

Days later they have reached a sacred temple deep within a woodland. Huge figures and monuments to honour the Gods can be seen all around as they start their ascent to the top of the stairs leading into the temple ruins. Abandoned and taken over by nature, the scavengers search frantically to find the lamps in which the Gods reside. They turn a corner and see something catching the sunlight as it beams through the dilapidated ruins but wait… there are not only one but two lamps.

The scavengers could not believe their luck. Taken over by greed, they run over and snatch both lamps. Suddenly there’s a deafening bang sending shockwaves that floor the Varasians. Surrounded by smoke, Olah and Djinn appear – the battle that has lasted since the beginning of time resumes. The scavengers flee in fear knowing they have made a mistake that could end the existence of the land of immortals.

The shockwaves were heard across the land, alerting clans and communities far and wide. The skies above the temple turn black with claps of thunder shaking the ground. The elders and leaders of the clans know the story of the Gods and have anticipated this moment for a long time. Their moment to claim immortality for their own kind has arrived, but they know they are not alone as other clans also want the power for themselves. Battle horns can be heard across the land and the clans regroup and prepare for what fate lies ahead!

And with that, the Battle of a 1000 Nights commences…


Avalan the Wise tc



The Genieverse is a vast array of worlds, most of which remain unexplored and unknown. The ones we are aware of all have unique weather systems, habitats and native clans. You can only travel to these other worlds via the Iter gates, which are scattered throughout the lands. Traveling to these unfathomed lands however are not advised as menacing creatures and clans are never too far away. The guild represent a dedicated and wise group of individuals who set out to make the Genieverse a safe place and restore peace to all of the lands – although well respected by all known clans, how long  will their peaceful endeavours last?

Olah the Power
Djinn the Demon Genie



$SOULS is the main currency to use within the Land of Immortals platform.

$SOULS is available on Binance Smartchain (BSC) and on the Ethereum Chain (ETH).

This will include purchasing booster packs to strengthen your deck for the upcoming trading card game, NFT staking to earn $SOULS or $GENIETOKEN, using $SOULS to play the arcade games and it will also be at the the heart of the NFT RPG game.

All this will be beneficial to the Genie ecosystem as a percentage of revenue made will go to buy back and burn $SOULS & $GENIETOKEN to make it one of the most powerful and rewarding tokens within crypto space.



Buy $SOULS on ETH (Coming Soon)


Supply: 10,000,000 (On BSC & ETH)
Max Wallet: 1.5% (150,000 $SOULS)


Marketing: 4%

LP: 2%

Project Development & Buy Back: 4%


Marketing: 4%

LP: 2%

Project Development & Buy Back: 4%


Phase 1

Launch $SOULS

Set Up Social Media

Website Launch

1000 TG Members in New Group

1000 Holders

Organic & Paid Marketing

Apply for CG & CMC

Phase 2

Release Beta of ‘Battle of 1000 Nights’ Game

Release Pre-release Booster Packs

2500 TG Members

2500 Holders

Increase Marketing / PR

Release Staking / Farming

Development of Expansion Series

Partnership & Collaborations


Phase 3

Release of Expansion Series

Development / Beta Release of the Arcade Room

Planning & Development of the RPG

Exchange Listings

10,000 TG Members

6500+ Holders

Further On Going Marketing




Phase 4

25,000+TG Members

25,000 Holders

Announcements of Future Expansion of the Genieverse

Beta Release of the RPG Game





email: info@landofimmortals.net